See beyond metrics with true pipeline visibility

Join the next-frontier of businesses leveraging a deeper understanding of the pipeline by analysing actual customer interactions, not just contact frequency.

Identify Opportunity & Challenges

Gain deep visibility into your pipeline. Identify high-potential opportunities and pinpoint bottlenecks or challenges that may be slowing down progress

Data-driven Decisions

No more gut-based actions. Strategically address highlighted areas of concern. Optmise strategies and reallocate resources to close opportunities

Optimise for Success

Build a strong pipeline. Lerno gives you a birds eye view, helping you optimise your teams for success


Real-time actionable feedback

Learn autonomously with tailored insights from each customer engagement. Resulting in real-time feedback that's actionable for improved performance.

Replicate what works

Get qualitative insights to guide your team towards self-improvement, Sales leaders can get visibility to understand who needs help and have the recipe to make an impact on their development.